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Gamification "on air"

April 2020

T-CEL member Amany Annaggar is invited to speak about the meaning and potential of gamification at the weekly podcast "Professor game - gamification for education." She talks about what she has learned in the development of game-based environments, but also about her biggest failures and challenges. Ms Annaggar explained the process a game development should go through and which criteria are particularly important for its quality. At the end she gives a little insight into "Alchemist", the computer game designed and developed in T-CEL. 

You can join the episode here.



May 2020

Prof. Amy Masnick (Hofstra University, NY), a "visitor" of the Physics Education Group (Prof. Priemer) at Humboldt-University, will give a virtual presentation on 13 May, 2pm-6pm CET on "Reasoning with Data in Children and Adults."

She is a Professor of Psychology and her research interests include scientific reasoning and scientific literacy.


Interested parties can attend the lecture via Zoom.



PhD defence

June 2020

T-CEL member Amany Annaggar has defended her doctoral thesis - Congratulation!


She presented her work on assessing and forstering problem-solving skills using a video game, and then discussed with the Commission topics like problem-solving, 21st century skills or stealth assessment. In these special times, the defense took place online via Zoom, which was a completely new experience for all involved participants. 




Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Tiemann

Head of the Chemistry Education Lab

The research program of the Tiemann Chemistry Education Lab has a strong commitment to knowledge acquisition by problem solving. In quantitative studies with technology based tools the focus is on describing, assessing and supporting  the fundamental mechanism behind this process.  



"We only think when we are confronted with problems."

(John Dewey)



Combined with the use of experiments and the use of mental models to understand  core concepts of Chemistry, the research program empowers the Tiemann Chemistry Education Lab  theory driven and empirically founded to investigate students' thinking individually or in classrooms. Alumni group members serve as Professors, for Science Outreach Organizations or as Chemistry Teachers.



The Chemistry Education Lab at Humboldt-University serves more than 100 students at K-12 (Sekundarstufe) and primary level (Primarstufe) each year through a diverse portfolio of theoretical background knowledge and first practical learning experiences. 


The professional learning program is designed to improve the skills and competencies in creating innovative learning environments and to learn first teaching experiences. Up to 10 students per year have the chance to finish their studies in T-CEL with a thesis (M.Ed.). 

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